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Luxury Rehabilitation & Treatment Center

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Annapolis, Maryland

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Serenity Acres Treatment Center was founded in 2011 by Larry Adler, initially offering rehabilitation services with just five client beds in a single facility. However, between 2013 and 2016, the center recognized the need to expand and enhance its services and marketing efforts. To achieve this transformation, they hired Arkana Haus founder Mary Bernitt for a comprehensive marketing and branding overhaul.

  • Rapid business growth required effective brand strategy and marketing.
  • Serenity Acres needed to redesign their brand, create a new website, and manage extensive content production.
  • Lead generation and brand positioning were essential for continued success.

Where we come in

Arkana Haus’s team delivered a comprehensive marketing and branding overhaul.


Brand Strategy and Marketing

  • Developed and executed a comprehensive brand strategy across digital and print platforms.
  • Crafted brand visuals, website design, and copy for various marketing collateral, including ad campaigns, landing pages, brochures, billboards, and magazine ads.
  • Created an internal infrastructure for data accuracy and collaboration between sales and marketing departments.


Content Creation and Management

  • Oversaw the creation of nearly 1,000 pages of content, focusing on social media, email marketing, and SEO optimization.
  • Developed a privately hosted alumni community and moderated interactions among previous clients.
  • Recruited and managed a team of copywriters, designers, developers, and interns.


Paid Advertising Campaigns

  • Managed over $1 million in digital paid ad campaigns, resulting in over $30 million in revenues.
  • Developed and implemented custom portals for partners and affiliates.


Brand Transformation

  • Redesigned the brand to convey strength and honesty, aimed at attracting individuals seeking change and recovery.
  • Utilized powerful, emotionally charged imagery combined with the tagline "Recover here" to resonate with potential clients.


Development & Automation

  • Addressed the need to integrate the call center with online leads by developing a CRM tailored to sales and marketing departments.
  • Streamlined intake processes by creating API connections among various systems for sales, marketing, insurance verification, and intake departments.


Responsive Design

  • Implemented responsive web design using Bootstrap, CSS3, and JQuery, enhancing user experience and increasing conversion rates across devices.


SEO Content

  • Enhanced the website's visibility on Google through structured content, increasing organic conversions.


Video Content

  • Produced informative videos offering potential clients a brief glimpse of the Serenity Acres facility and treatment experience in under one minute.


Following Serenity Acres Treatment Center's partnership with Arkana Haus, the center experienced remarkable growth:

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  • The center quadrupled in size, serving over 50 patients in seven facilities.
  • Over $30 million in revenue generated through effective digital advertising campaigns.
  • Increased lead generation capabilities sustained impressive growth rates.
  • A powerful brand was established, resonating with individuals seeking recovery.
  • Streamlined operations and integration of departments improved data accuracy and overall efficiency.

"A brand, at it’s core, has nothing to do with color and everything to do with intention."

Mary Bernitt, Partner @ Arkana

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4701 Sangamore Rd., Suite 100N, Bethesda, MD 20816